Performance Resumé

Vocal/On Stage

Maui, Hawaii for the Honda corporation                        Performing Artist
Fed-Ex Orange Bowl pre-game show BET stage.        Performing Artist
Coors Brewing Company Annual Convention               Performing Artist
Sun Fest, West Palm Beach                                         Performing Artist
Opener for B-52's & Kool and the Gang                       Performing Artist  
Gator Bowl Half Time Show                                         Performing Artist
Kay Yow Hoops 4 Hope Halftime Performance            Performing Artist Vocalist                                              
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown                               Performing Artist - Leading Role    
The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever                         Performing Artist - Leading Role    
The Embers Christmas Show    - 9 Years                     Performing Artist, Creator/Director
The History of The Embers Show                                 Performing Artist, Creator/Director
Opener for The Spinners                                               Performing Artist
Opener for the Temptations                                           Performing Artist
Opener for Dennis Edwards Temptations Review         Performing Artist
Trombonist for the Temptations                                     Temps Horns
Trombonist for the Embers                                            Performing Artist
Trombonist for the Swingin' Medallions                        Performing Artist
Trumpet Player for the Swingin' Medallions                  Performing Artist
Opener for Biz Markie                                                   Performing Artist
Opener for Chubby Checker                                         Performing Artist
Opener for Chuck Berry                                                Performing Artist
Opener for Edwin McCain                                             Performing Artist Vocalist
Opener for Bill Pinckney and the Original Drifters        Performing Artist Vocalist
South Korean Tour for American Troops - ’07 & ’08     Performing Artist Vocalist
Inaugural Party for Governor of SC 2003                     Performing Artist
Private Performance for Writer Lewis Grizzard            Performing Artist
An Average of 225 dates a year since 1989                 Performing Artist Vocalist
Many Local, regional and state honors                         Instrumentalist - F. Horn
Outstanding Jazz Soloist UGA Jazz Festival ’87          Instrumentalist - Trumpet
Orchestra Pit for Local Theatre                                     Instrumentalist    
You’re My Girl - Artist Collaboration                              Performing Artist Vocalist
The Show Must Go On - National/Int. Release             Performing Artist Vocalist
O.C. Smith Day - Live Web Cast                                  Performing Artist Vocalist
Solo Acoustic Performer                                               Vocalist and Guitar
Guest Lead Vocalist for Kingdaddy Band                     Performing Artist Vocalist


Say Yes to the Dress - Atlanta - TLC Network
The Crossover with Jim Quick
Flawless TV and NY 1
The History of The Embers DVD Documentary - composer, research and subject
National Anthem for Tampa Bay Devil Rays MLB
National Anthem for Georgia Force AFL
National Anthem NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship
National Anthem Meineke Car Care Bowl BCS
The History of The Embers Documentary - DVD
The Swingin’ Medallions - Live from Cowboys - Video Concert
SoulChoonz Radio UK
Pat Gwinn Remember Then Radio Show
The Steve Hardy Radio Show - WNCT 107.9 Through out NC & Internet
Big John Ruth Radio - Syndicated - Kix 102.9 Raleigh, NC
Charlie Brown - On the Beach - Syndicated
Ted Bell - 94.9 The Surf - Myrtle Beach, SC
Channel 12 Noon News  - Featured Artist - Augusta, GA


Lake Gaston Gazette - Front page feature
SoulWalking Magazine 2008
Jet Magazine - featured group
Society of Singers 2008
CBMA Best New Artist Award Recipient 1996 - Swingin’ Medallions
Who’s Who in Music
Recipient of 5 Coins of Excellence from the U.S. Military South Korea 2007 - 08
2008 Grammy Nomination Ballot - The Embers
Index Journal  - featured artist story
various newspapers for performance

Special Skills

Studio engineer
Arranging band compositions
Recording and creating tracks for clients ranging from Gospel to Rap.
Digital editing
Multi-track recording
Musical coordinator/director
Chart writing and arranging for vocals and horns
Studio design
Artistic and logo design
Film scoring and sound effects
Field recording
Booking and tour manager
Radio spot and ad creation - jingles and personality liners
Music Lab Instructor teaching MIDI sequencing and programming - Lander University
Theater orchestra pit performer - French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Drums and Sound efx
Professional Touring Coach Driver - Class B CDL
Road Tech specializing in all facets including troubleshooting, maintenance and repair
Advisor to equipment and sound crew
Website maintenance - limited design and HTML coding
Promotional strategist for touring band

Formal Training

25+ years onstage - Live performance as Vocalist, drums, keys, guitar and brass horns
Audio technician, Audio and electrical repair and roadie
Live Sound and Monitor Engineer
Lander University Music Education and Music Business 88 - 93
Full Scholarship Recipient for Music Education Studies with French Horn Primary
Music Theory and Composition High School and Collegiate level


A personality test finds Wayne as “fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical and always interesting; someone who’s constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. Also as kind, considerate and understanding; someone who will always cheer you up and help you out.”

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